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Media Chinese International Limited - is one of the most recognized and major language media channels platforms of Chinese language in the Chinese viewer. It is mainly posted among the Chinese communities along with its HQ in Malaysia. The chairman of Chinapress Malaysia platform is T.Sri Dk Tiong. It was established in April, 2008 by 3 well-known organizations - Hong Kong’s Ming Pao...Click to continue>>  The Voice of Russia (VOR) - is a Russian radio station that was the first to broadcast globally. It was founded on the air since 29th October, 1929 and introduced to express Russian's opinion and images to the world's people. Now, VOR broadcasts their program to 160 countries in 38 different languages through mobile communication networks, satellite, FM bands, short and medium waves...Click to continue>> The Sing Tao Daily - is the 2nd major Chinese language journal in Hong Kong...regular published by 9 foreign bureaus as well as dispersed in 100 of cities throughout the world. In fact these overseas editions are extremely helpful for various China readers beyond China to acquire their homeland info easily...Story of Sing Tao Daily Canada...Click to continue>> Hong Kong South China Morning Post - The name of first English language Hong Kong online newspaper is : South China Morning (NanHua Zaobao) together with the Sunday edition - Sunday Morning Post that are certainly published by the SCMP group with its circulation of 104,000...Click to continue>>

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  1. Asia 80%
  2. United State 60%
  3. Europe 40%
  4. China 90%
The largest migration in history: China's migrant workers Migration from inland villages to coastal cities has transformed China. Now that is changing, as regional cities inland become the new focus of Chinese in China migration patterns. Two aspects to Chinese media Hugh Stephens, Executive-in-Residence at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, has over 35 years of government and business experience in the Asia region. In this interview, he compares the Chinese and Indian media industries.

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