Chinapress Colorful Newspaper

The 1st Malaysian Newspaper – Recorded to be the most stunning COLORFUL Newspaper

The end of World War II in 1945 , the British colony of Malaya rule again . A time when the two Chinese in Malaya newspaper ” Nanyang Siang Pau ” and ” Sin Chew Daily ” published in Singapore , Kuala Lumpur, the only published ” The Man Sing Times ” is a leftist control , which is described as many people engage in creating MASSIVE CHAOS! . Kuala Lumpur’s business and community leaders cannot let that chaos phenomenon continues, then one can represent the people of the rising founder , impartiality , advocating democracy Chinese newspapers – “Chinapress” is the ideal newspaper. The founder Dun Henry by the leadership of Lee Hyo – from financing, operating equipment to talent recruitment and others entirely overcome all the obstacles and difficulties , started the very first page of “Chinapress” as the mouth of advertising of the people’s combating history.

1957 is Malaya Independent’s Day were started building nation, business and human development , ” Chinapress” has played in all aspects of communication bridge and with the steadily growth . However, In 1969 national racism had happened – ” 513 ” ethnic conflict during the event , because the published news was a court order suspended for as long as thirty days .

Chinapress does not goes as smooth as its was planned. The second disaster has landed in 1985 on the occasion of the recession . “Chinapress ” couldn’t able to combating the losses year after year, unfortunately announced that publication has to shutdown causing a great shock in the Chinese society. However, it does not fall too long . In 2086 , Malaysian Chinese publishing industry inject liquidity into the 25th July the same year , “Chinapress” reopened , the record of stunning colorful printing first Malaysian Newspaper! Click to continue- >> CHINAPRESS Zhong Guo Bao <<


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